Tuesday, 6 November 2012

21st Birthday & Halloween

So 21 is the year where you are globally an adult. It is the penultimate age you have been waiting for. All this build up of teen years, and stumbling through life so far leads up to this date. So I decided to arrange as many fun and memorable activities as possible! 
So as an early birthday present to myself I bought an Amanda Palmer ticket. She played at Koko and was the best gig I have ever been to. I also had the privilege to meet her after which was such a genuine and heart felt experience that I will never forget. I also bought her flowers which she insisted I threw onto stage at her! 

The next event was Club Antichrists Halloween Ball, which I attended with Sphirex and Alice Bizarre. I was also sponsored by ASD Latex who supplied me with a beautiful dress.

OOTD for the Antichrist Ball

Then the Tuesday after the weekend my boyfriend came round to visit and we went to the Wednesday 13 Halloween Gig, which was amazing and being filmed for a DVD! So look out for me in the next Wednesday 13 DVD.
My boyfriend looking sexual as always...Mine and his couple halloween costumes.

Then my parents bought me this ring for my 21st and I cannot even believe how beautiful and sparkly it is! I really am never taking it off.

Me and my boyfriend also had such an amazing night in a bar/restaurant called Meat Liquor. It is based just behind Oxford Street and serves the most amazing american food! The bar is also amazing and serves very strong drinks, from absinthe cocktails to singles that in reality are more like singles!

The food
 The ceiling and decor

So overall the last 10 days surrounding my birthday have been epic to say the least. Saw some lovely friends and attending some amazing events.
Oh and there was a lot of drinking and debauchery!



  1. This post made me miss London so much <3 Happy belated birthday, and I love your wednesday 13 gig outfit!

  2. Happy belated birthday... my Dear!!!