Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why Synthetic Doll?

So all the time people ask me where my model name/internet alias comes from and the story behind it. Well I thought today is the day to share such things with you!
So I have been on the internet since around 2004 when msn was the main social networking platform. I was then introduced to by my friend at the time who was also alternative. I went by a very immature name as at the time I was around 14. I then went through a whole range of ideas and thought one day to change my name for good and stick to just one.
So all the time I was being called fake and that I wear too much make up and my image was intimidating and that people assumed I came off as stuck up (which makes me laugh even to this day). Everyone who knows me in real life is 100% sure that this is not the case. Well anyway "Synthetic", at least in my mind is a more sophisticated way of saying fake. Also in my mind I feel that I am very synthetic. I dye my hair, remove all the unwanted hair, apply regular make up, have piercings etc. All examples of my own personal body modifications and without I would look like a completely different person. So synthetic I feel is essential to my aesthetic. 
Then the doll part. Another regular comment I receive is that I look like a doll or doll-like. Which is very flattering. I also always aspire to look as doll-like a possible. I love the image of perfect skin it looks synthetic and big glossy eyes etc. So there we have it. 
The origin of the name Synthetic Doll.

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