Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why Synthetic Doll?

So all the time people ask me where my model name/internet alias comes from and the story behind it. Well I thought today is the day to share such things with you!
So I have been on the internet since around 2004 when msn was the main social networking platform. I was then introduced to by my friend at the time who was also alternative. I went by a very immature name as at the time I was around 14. I then went through a whole range of ideas and thought one day to change my name for good and stick to just one.
So all the time I was being called fake and that I wear too much make up and my image was intimidating and that people assumed I came off as stuck up (which makes me laugh even to this day). Everyone who knows me in real life is 100% sure that this is not the case. Well anyway "Synthetic", at least in my mind is a more sophisticated way of saying fake. Also in my mind I feel that I am very synthetic. I dye my hair, remove all the unwanted hair, apply regular make up, have piercings etc. All examples of my own personal body modifications and without I would look like a completely different person. So synthetic I feel is essential to my aesthetic. 
Then the doll part. Another regular comment I receive is that I look like a doll or doll-like. Which is very flattering. I also always aspire to look as doll-like a possible. I love the image of perfect skin it looks synthetic and big glossy eyes etc. So there we have it. 
The origin of the name Synthetic Doll.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Crimson Camden Street Fashion

So the past week has been pretty hectic and I have been full of outings and antics, work and play. So I feel as though I haven't been neglecting my internet life it's just been a bit less regular than usual.
That being said I have done a lot of modeling! Which is always a lot of fun. Especially when you're working with talented and like minded people.
So on sunday I met Lauren-Becki Rowlands (Photographer) in Camden for a casual meeting. Or as we named it "shoot and social". We always have so much fun working together we forget it's work!
Sunday in Camden Town is very busy, think busy then add some!! So we were on the hunt for slightly more secluded areas with all the potential for beautiful images minus the staring and rude photo taking. 
The purpose of the shoot is that I was very kindly sent two stunning necklaces from The Crypt of Curiosity and also a dread extension set from Von Carstein Dreads to model for them. They were both red and black themed, so as you can imagine it wasn't hard for me to come up with a street fashion look with a Synthetic Doll twist of eleganza!
My inspiration as it were from the shoot was totally my own, as if I dreamed it over night. Is was just that simple and I applaud my mind sometimes for sending rushes of inspiration magically out of nowhere to myself.
So I wanted to do a dark sultry look with the edgy or raw quality that street fashion requires. Just so I don't look out of place in my surroundings.
So naturally pvc and fishnets came to mind I then searched my wardrobe for anything red and found my latex socks and red bra. 
I also love wavy hair and used a triple barrel waver on my hair before teasing and adding the dreads.
This is the finished product.
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