Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cyber Skeleton & Provocateur

I was wondering around my town today and noticed a party shop that has been around since I was litte was having a closing down sale. If you know me I love a good bargain and couldn't resist to see what gems they had in store. To my suprise there were quite a few bits and very discounted. I found a cyberdog top for £10 and its so pretty I am very thrilled with it. Cyberdog never usually takes my interest ad t isn't my style but this top is so pretty. I then found skeleton tights and we all know halloween is just round the corner and I am getting prepared in advance. I then found an Agent Provocateur strip poker game which comes with signature AP cards and chips. I have yet to have fun with this but from firs insection it looks very good. I also got this beauty for £1. Which is so crazy for AP. So all in all an amazing day for shopping.


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