Thursday, 30 August 2012

What makes you Goth? Reasons & History

Ok so this question has posed a lot of debate throughout the internet recently and I get many questions on the subject from people asking what makes them goth. I find this quite disheartening as I feel people feel segregated from the sub culture and that they're not good or should I say goth enough to reside in the subculture. Sure the subculture has an overall theme into the music, clothing etc. that is constant throughout. Otherwise how would we distinguish a goth to any other member of the public? But creating rules or set guidelines as to what is goth and what is not goth I find very sad indeed.
Goth is a Post-Punk subculture that came about in the early 80's in England with bands such as alien sex fiend and other underground bands. Then siouxsie sioux came along and created the Goth title as a way of describing her new album at the time. At this time the punks just dressed how they wanted and were called goths. They didn't even consider themselves goth's but actually punks. The goth subculture was born attracting many other style genres including new romantic which is affiliated with bands such as Adam and the Ants and the Culture Club. The Batcave was established during this that attracted goths and further created the goth sub culture. From here goths expanded there style to form new sub genres of their own including deathrock.

In this documentary taken in 1983 it is stated that they thought they were Punks and that they dressed however they felt as a form of artistic self expression.

I am writing this post due to a message I received this morning and I feel like I had to say something in a blog about my reasoning's for the way I think and my opinions. 

Goth is whatever you make it. Meaning it is your own unique take on the subculture providing it has a dark underlying theme. Only you yourself can establish whether you are goth or not. You can do whatever you like with it, be it listening to other genres of music and incorporating it into your already gothic style or being inspired by non gothic icons or even buying clothes from brands or designers. From the beginning people have created different looks and genres within the goth subculture and I think by giving rules or guidelines limits creativity and a persons own right of artistic self expression. It is a fascist mindset and I think it is wrong and leaves fellow inexperienced goths feeling like they are not good enough or that they don't belong.

The subculture should celebrate peoples imaginations and support growth and positivity. It should not be another club that only exclusive members with the right mindset, clothing or music taste get to be a part of.


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  1. Whenever you talk about this subject you always word it perfectly. I don't understand why people feel the need to say what others can't be or can't do... I wish everyone could see the world in this light.