Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gothic Handbags & Purses

Gothic bags is always a difficult subject for me as I always find it very hard to find bags that incorporate my gothic style but are still practical and affordable. Now being a secret fashionista I just fall in love with designer bags but they are not really that affordable. Not on my budget anyway. This doesn't mean I am not subjective to fall in love with designer pieces anyway. 

Lulu Guinness is by far my favourite designer when it comes to handbags. The designs are elaborate and quirky but also use luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet. The interior of each bag is black and white striped and every goth loves some beetlejuice inspired fabric. The actual bags themselves range from a clutch purse, zip tote and my favourite metal clasp. 

I own one Lulu Guinness bag and if you are like me and the price tag is a little too much wait for the sales which are usually mid June or Boxing day. At first it will be 30-50% off but after 3 weeks or so they slash it down to 70% so sometimes it's worth waiting. Also if you search Lulu Guiness into Ebay or google shopping it will bring up discounted and also old stock. So if there is a design your after check them. 
The bag I own - Black Devour Lips Wanda Bag with the striped interior. 

Looking for bags on the high street can prove an even more difficult challenge with even more shops turning to cheaper fabrics and mainstream designs. I have a few favourite brands on the high street that I have used and are affordable, beautiful and also durable.

Jane Norman

Morgan De Toi 

Suzy Smith

Black Rose Jaquard Frame Bag - I have this bag but it got very scruffy after years of use. 

I get a lot of questions about my bags and where I bought them etc. So I hope this helps some people and also answers some questions. 


  1. These are really cute bags! I prefer cross-body/messenger style bags though. Guess came out with really cute black ones with bows etc. 2 years ago I think. Mine is still going strong!

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  3. I really like Black Devour Lips Wanda Bag i wish i could buy just like that.