Thursday, 9 August 2012

Glamour Goth

For years I have been experimenting with my image and aesthetic and throughout my teenage life it was very apparent it was a string of goth, I just couldn't pinpoint which one. I realise labeling isn't the thing to do but at that age I had a yearning to fit in or better than that to belong to something. That was just my nature at that point in time. Now after maturing I have discovered the importance of being myself no matter the cost or consequence. 
With all this said it has become very apparent that my style is just Glamour Goth. Well to me this is a very obvious and clear way to identify my style and what my aesthetic is about. 
What is my style and aesthetic? Well I live life as though I am a piece of art not in a pretentious way but in a fundamental dandyism way inspired by Oscar Wildes philosophy of "art for arts sake". I also live by the dita's philosophy of "anyone has the potential to be glamorous" and I wish to evoke glamour at all possible times, this does not mean being fully dolled up at every waking hour but taking the time to make an effort with ones self, for example making sure my nails are painted nicely and that I wear things that flatter me including lounge wear. Then the gothic element comes in, I have always been more darkly inclined and this reflects heavily in my style. But I do not buy into stereotypes nor wear things to look more goth or to wear things just because of the alternative brand. I take the high fashion goth trends into something my own and much more glamorous and vintage inspired. 
I am also extremely feminine by nature, I suspect it is influenced by my mother as she is also like this and would buy me make up and lingerie during my early teens. I also developed very early and by age fifteen was wearing DD cups with a full hour glass figure. This made me very reluctant to wear jeans and trousers only leaving skirts and tight fitting tops as loose fitted would drape over my bust creating an ill formed silhouette. So that is the origin of my many dresses, skirts, heels, lingerie and make up. Now I would never part with them and still do not have a pair of jeans to my name. 
So Glamour goth is just style with both classic gothic and glamour influences. Also with a personal twist as any style is moulded to the individual.


  1. ... and You always look great, I think your style fits You perfectly :)

    I have just tagged You in my Liebster Award post :)

  2. You and your style are so very inspirational to me!! :D

  3. Just stoping by to say hi! Following you on Facebook and now through my blog too. Kisses dear ;)