Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Creature of the Night

The one thing I simply adore about modelling is the transformation and portraying different characters through artistic experimentation and for quite sometime the idea of becoming a dark creature of some sort with an Athenian like personality really struck me. So I explored the concept of being beauty and innocence in something so strong (like the goddess Athena).
I also wanted to delve on the character of Pan, again taken from greek mythology. I focused on the interpretation of Pan in the film Pan's Labyrinth. This character though wise is still very mysterious and dark. From here I started creating my own creature, the Creature of the Night. 
So in essence I had to have antlers or horns and also claws. I had previously purchased and designed an antler head piece from CuriologyOnline.
The claws I decided would be in the form of acrylic nails so it looks like I naturally have claws. Now the outfit, it had to be kind of tribal and rough but also elegant. So I rummaged through my wardrobe and found a top I made out of ripped fishnets, a corset I had been meaning to use in a shoot, a net skirt and a feather shoulder piece.
Now for the make up I had decided no eyebrows were essential to make myself look more creature like. To create an innocent eye I opted for GEO Angel Grey Circle lenses. I was inspired by marilyn manson's Holywood era especially the Nobody's video. I liked the woodland setting and becoming part of the surroundings. Also inspired by the Disposable teens video outfit and make up I came up with this. I also had a beautiful necklace by CuriologyOnline to model to for them. The hair was the next task. I have bundles of kanekalon fibers at home and need to use them at some point. So I decide to make to huge messy buns with them and secured a white extension in my fringe to create some diversity and contrast. On the day I realized that the black/silver lip would detract too much from the eyes so instead I wore a nude lip.

 So I ended up shooting the idea with Twitch Photos in a woodland setting. It all came together so perfectly and better than expected. When coming up with concepts you have an idea in your head and seeing it in the flesh or on film even is just amazing. You never really know how it will turn out either. 

These photos were also published in Issue #7 of Rebelicious Magazine for a CuriologyOnline Article.

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