Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Make Up for Goths

I love the summer but it is also a time of year that holds a lot of fear among the gothic community. Staying pale being the obvious goal on the list but for me personally keeping my make up from smearing/melting/smudging is of an equal challenge. In particular my eye make up. As I always want to achieve a dark look eyeliner is really the key to giving black eyeshadow or smokey eyeshadow an extra depth and wow factor. But this always leaves me touching up four times a day in the hot heat of summer.

So I have come up with this look that I wear all the time in the summer which achieves the dark deep eye without melting in the heat. There is also a lip butter incorporated under my usual russian red matter lipstick by MAC which stops the lipstick from drying out giving me moistureised lips all through the day.

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