Sunday, 15 July 2012

Red Hair Love

I've always loved red hair and even had  red hair for about three months  on two separate occasions. One was a purple red which alternated between the two colours and the other was a black red which wasn't as bright as I hoped it would of turned out.
So I really wanted a change of hair colour but after dying my hair permanent black for four years isn't the best start to achieving a bright hair colour. I was certain to wreck the condition of it if I had gone dwon the bleaching route.
With this in mind I decided to try wigs and having looked and researched them in the past I knew just where to get the wig I wanted. 
This is the wig I purchased. I bought it off of ebay as I like the pages of choice available there.
ebay seller ID: lishuangfeng518

I wanted a good quality synthetic wig as the human hair option is way too expensive for my budget. So the next best thing is kanekalon fibres which imitates the shine of real hair. I always hate the synthetic fibre wigs that look very shiny and very plastic. Not what you want to trick everyone that your wig is natural! 
It came down and I am in love with it! It is more vibrant in real life which wasn't a downfall to me as I was worried this colour would be too dark.

Vlog about the wig and first impressions.

My red wig in different lights.

Overall I am in LOVE with this wig and always love the transformation into a red head for the day or evening.

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  1. You look good both in black and red hair. But you did right t not dye toyr hair red. I did it and it looks great but taking care of bright color is soooo time concuming. I also had to bleach my hair several time cause I had really dark bron hair before dying red.