Sunday, 15 July 2012

OOTD - My Dress Down Days.

I get a lot of questions asking if I go out the house wearing no make up and what I wear when I'm chilling and not making an effort. Well here it is! 

Casual Sunday Outfit
  • Leggings - Primark
  • Cami top - H&M 
  • Cardigan - ebay
  • Sunglasses - Chanel 
  • Bag - Topshop
  • Sandals - FitFlop
I am wearing two items of make up (powder & lipstick) the big designer sunglasses hide the lack of make up but adding a touch of glamour.

To make the cardigan look more fitter I added a large silver safety pin or kilt pin. This gives me a better silhouette to emphasize my curves. 
Lastly is my shoes which are covered in rhinestones and also give me a workout when I walk.