Sunday, 1 July 2012

Anniversary Weekend

On the 28th June it was mine and my boyfriends 6 year anniversary. The time really has flown by and being together is very effortless, I really cant begin to explain how much we are in love. 

Coincidentally it is my cousins birthday the same day as our anniversary so me and my mum, auntie(my cousins mum), my boyfriend and my cousin ate out at a local italian restaurant which we have been going to for years. It was really lovely and we went to a cocktail bar afterwards for "cheeky cocktails", I also took a cheeky photo whilst in the toilets!

Friday Night - Dress & Belt: H&M, Necklace: Ebay, Shrug: Jane Norman, Bag: Topshop.

As a surprise my boyfriend had booked a 5 star hotel on the beach front in Jersey. It is such a beautiful hotel with even more beautiful weather and scenary.
Then if this wasn't enough we went down to the champagne lounge for afternoon tea. It was so decadant and afternoon tea is such a huge favorite of mine. We got given loads of food and we didn't manage to finish it all. I did drink all of my Egyptian mint tea though, it was so light and fresh. Definitely a nicer alternative to the standard peppermint tea I usually drink when choosing mint teas.

 Chocolate brownies, Lemon and Blueberry Cake, Almond Cake, Fruit & Plain Scones & Sandwich Assortment.

After tea we returned to the hotel room and got ready for the evening. I was planning to wear a dress by Wheels & Dollbaby which my boyfriend bought me as an anniversary present. The dress is "Le Pirate Girl Dress" and I am in love with this dress I felt so glamorous in it.

Le Pirate Girl Dress by Wheels and Dollbaby

In the evening a table was booked at a restaurant down the road called Wildfire which is like a modern stylish steakhouse & grill. The food was amazing to say the least and we took advantage of the cocktail bar.

My look of the night- Wearing a necklace by PinkAbsinthe@Etsy

I had Salmon main dish & a Pornstar Martini

I actually was in awe by all this and really did feel so special!
Had such an amazing weekend it was one to remember!


  1. Awwww that sounds like the most amazing weekend EVER! Wow. Congrats for your six-year anniversary! You are a very lucky girl and he sure as hell is a very lucky guy! :):):) You both look ravishing! :)

  2. Hi there!
    New reader here. I just started reading your blog but I think you have a charming place, so I'll be glad to follow you from now :-)

    It looks like your boyfriend and you had the most lovely anniversary, very romantic and classy. Congrats to you both!

    Regards from Spain.