Tuesday, 31 July 2012

June 2012 GlossyBox

I subscribed to glossybox last month (May) and loved what I received. So I ordered another one this month. I love the idea of  getting lots of products to try each month but in the future will only order it when I have the extra cash.
This month I got my glossybox late because I was in Jersey but it is ordered to my London address, this is why his post is late.
This is my box.

I really do love the packaging of the glossy boxes and the attention to detail with the tissue paper and the ribbon. The box itself is very useful to me as I use them to store sunglasses, big pieces of jewellery and also hair pieces and fascinators. The products always come neatly packaged and I haven't experienced any damage to products as of yet.

This month I received : 
  • Dermablend Starter Kit by Vichy
  • Glossy Box Powder Brush
  • 3 Step Day & Night Kit by Dermalogica
  • BM Beauty Bronzer
  • Yves Rocher Mascara.
I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted the HD Brows tweezers, although I don't need them as much as others it would still of been nice to have. The mascara is very good but quite small but will come in handy on the go. I don't think I will use the dermablend just because the shades are not my skin tone and I only use powder contouring. The bronzer I will try out as a cheek contour but not a bronzer. The brush is a nice addition and every box contains one but the fibers are a bit coarse for my liking and have many better and softer brushes already.The products I am most pleased is the dermalogica skin care. I love this brand and like updating my skin regime so it will be nice to have an alternative to try out.
Overall I am very pleased with this box, and will use most of the products.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


So last week I got a summer cold, my first in a while actually I usually get colds when autumn turns to winter. But no apparently summer to! The weather has been very rainy and cold recently. Waking up to a dull sky isn't the best mood setter. But being ill it gave me an excuse to stay in. This morning was an exception and the weather is beautiful. It really feels like summer finally! 
So chilled in the park with my boyfriend drinking milkshakes (mine was soya of course!).
I had a bueno one and he had a ferrero roche one they were so yummy.

Today I wore my rhinestone sandals, black strappy top with black bandeau skirt and a lace front tie cardigan.


Friday, 20 July 2012

Curvy Kate Lingerie - Beautiful bras for a fuller bust.

I am constantly on the hunt for beautiful lingerie, there is no better way to start the day or night than to put on a beautiful set of underwear. But there is one catch, it is very hard to find pretty pieces with one a good price range and two in your size. 
Whilst shopping on I stumbled up Curvy Kate Lingerie and thought I'd give it a try seeing as the price was reasonable and they had my size. This morning my package arrived and I was pleasantly suprised with what was inside.

Princess Black @ CurvyKate

Now this set is extremely comfortable and keeps me in place with no cheeky slips. It comes in more colours and all their lingerie is from sizes D-K cup and 30-38 back size.
So if you're a busty lady looking for gorgeous lingerie this is the place to check out. I was very pleased with my set and highly recommend it to anyone.

Bras are around £28 and briefs £18, so very affordable.
The label also reads "Gorgeous lingerie for curvy girls, guaranteed to flatter your fabulous figure".

Also received these makeup essentials in the post today.



I also have a private facebook account which I am keeping private. That account is for close friends and family.

Q: How tall are you? A: 5ft6.5
Q: What is your natural hair colour? A: Dark ash blonde
Q: Are you plus size? A: No, I understand that in the industry of high fashion modelling "plus size models" are considered UK12-14 with 10" difference between their hips and waist...but I do not model high fashion, I am an alternative model. Also plus size is literal so is a size above UK16. I am a size UK 10-12 therefore not plus size. I only defend this point because I feel disrespectful to the woman who are truly plus size by people referring to me as plus size. Size shouldn't and doesn't matter anyway. You are beautiful no matter what size or shape.
Q: How do you stay so confident? A: Simple! "Whatever people think of me, is none of my business." - RuPaul, Keep your head high and stay true to yourself.
Q:Are you naturally that pale? & is it just the make up? A: I am naturally very pale and have very little yellow pigmentation as my skin tone is pink based. It takes a lot of effort to stay this pale especially during the summer. It is not make up otherwise the skin tone on my body would not match my face!
Q: Are your cheeks real? A: Ok so this really does shock me how often I receive this question but yes they are real and I am plastic surgery free but am not against plastic surgery.

Q: What hair dye do you use and where do you buy it? A: L'oreal Recital Preference in Naples Black No. 1.0, I buy it at either Boots Pharmacy or Superdrug.

Q: How do you get your hair so shiny and what products do you use? A: I use kerastase cristalliste shampoo and rinse out conditioner for fine hair. I also use regular hair masks and the dye I use comes with an amazing treatment and glossing oil in the formulation. I also use the kerastase cristalliste serum which makes my hair super shiny.

Q: What do you use to draw your eyebrows and how? A: I made a youtube video to address this.
I use either a gel liner, waterproof liquid liner, normal liquid liner with no particular preferences of brand.

Q: What eyelashes do you wear? A: I wear a big rang of eyelashes, I buy them from the internet, pound shops and drugstores. I also layer and customize them to achieve the look I want. The brands I use and love are:
  • Red Cherry (Human Hair Lashes)
  • Stargazer
  • Sugarpill
  • Eylure (good for beginners but I use them less often now).

Red Cherry

Lash #16


Nicola Girls Aloud Party Lashes

I also currently wear these as lower lashes or the red cherry #600.

Q: What kind of camera do you use? A: I use a Samsung ST93 and my iphone 4S
Q: Where did you get your septum ring? A: - 14 Gauge (1.6mm), 3/8" (10mm), Anodized Titanium, , 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Swarovski® Crystal (Swarovski is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG), 3mm Ball.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gothic Glam Accessories

So today I went shopping and the sales have already started weeks before. With summer sales the shops don't need to shift as much stock as they do at Christmas so they wait quite a while till they start slashing the prices. So today the 70% off sale at accessorize started. I love this store but most of the items are very pricey and not rarely worth the price tag. I only ever shop here in the sales.
So I went in today and found some very pretty things.

Bracelets £3.60 each, Hair clip £9.00, Drop earrings £3.00, Stud earrings £3.00 

I am in love with the hair clip


Sunday, 15 July 2012

OOTD - My Dress Down Days.

I get a lot of questions asking if I go out the house wearing no make up and what I wear when I'm chilling and not making an effort. Well here it is! 

Casual Sunday Outfit
  • Leggings - Primark
  • Cami top - H&M 
  • Cardigan - ebay
  • Sunglasses - Chanel 
  • Bag - Topshop
  • Sandals - FitFlop
I am wearing two items of make up (powder & lipstick) the big designer sunglasses hide the lack of make up but adding a touch of glamour.

To make the cardigan look more fitter I added a large silver safety pin or kilt pin. This gives me a better silhouette to emphasize my curves. 
Lastly is my shoes which are covered in rhinestones and also give me a workout when I walk.

Skryim Addict

I love playing my boyfriends xbox and he is a huge fan of the elder scrolls games so when it was announced that skyrim was coming out he was not short of excitement. I acknowledged it was a big deal but as someone who doesn't have any previous gaming history or knowledge about these games I had no idea how it was going to be.
After playing 5 minutes I am so hooked and really enjoy playing it.
I only have 1 character at the moment but tempted to make another character which would be either a khajit or an argonian. My character used to have black lips and white hair to go with the snowy background of skyrim but when the new DLC came out with the feature to change your face I couldn't resist having a new look.
My Character Breakdown

  • Female Nord
  • Skills: Alchemy, Enchanting, Lockpicking, Sneaking, Smithing.
  • Light Armor wearing
  • Werewolf
  • Marksman and One handed weapons.
  • Schools of Magic: Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration
  • Vampire Hunter in the Dawnguard DLC
  • Resident in Markarth
I most like to explore and find new caves and ruins, I like doing misc quests but the daedric quests are always really fun with unique items at the end.

Red Hair Love

I've always loved red hair and even had  red hair for about three months  on two separate occasions. One was a purple red which alternated between the two colours and the other was a black red which wasn't as bright as I hoped it would of turned out.
So I really wanted a change of hair colour but after dying my hair permanent black for four years isn't the best start to achieving a bright hair colour. I was certain to wreck the condition of it if I had gone dwon the bleaching route.
With this in mind I decided to try wigs and having looked and researched them in the past I knew just where to get the wig I wanted. 
This is the wig I purchased. I bought it off of ebay as I like the pages of choice available there.
ebay seller ID: lishuangfeng518

I wanted a good quality synthetic wig as the human hair option is way too expensive for my budget. So the next best thing is kanekalon fibres which imitates the shine of real hair. I always hate the synthetic fibre wigs that look very shiny and very plastic. Not what you want to trick everyone that your wig is natural! 
It came down and I am in love with it! It is more vibrant in real life which wasn't a downfall to me as I was worried this colour would be too dark.

Vlog about the wig and first impressions.

My red wig in different lights.

Overall I am in LOVE with this wig and always love the transformation into a red head for the day or evening.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cocktails & Debauchery

Recently I have been having a great time with friends and we stumbled upon a cocktail bar in the heart of town tucked away behind a secret entrance at the back of a pub. I had heard people talking about a secret speak easy styled bar of some sorts but didn't know one where it was located or two even how to get in. Luckily for me one of my friends works there so this is now the place I go to for naughty cocktails with close friends.
It is so dark and misty inside the photos I try and take in there are very blurred and even the in focus shots have a grey misty appearcance!
Inside the cocktail bar

I tried a cocktail called a "milli vanilli" which was a classic mojito with hazelnut and vanilla liqueur topped off with champagne.
 Milli Vanilli Cocktail

I then had absinthe shots with my boyfriend. But next time going to order either the classic absinthe drink (Ice water fountain with sugar) or a death in the afternoon which is a shot of absinthe topped up with champagne.
On a previous night my friend bought me a cocktail and when asked what I wanted I replied "surprise me" so from what i tasted it was raspberry and champagne.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Make Up for Goths

I love the summer but it is also a time of year that holds a lot of fear among the gothic community. Staying pale being the obvious goal on the list but for me personally keeping my make up from smearing/melting/smudging is of an equal challenge. In particular my eye make up. As I always want to achieve a dark look eyeliner is really the key to giving black eyeshadow or smokey eyeshadow an extra depth and wow factor. But this always leaves me touching up four times a day in the hot heat of summer.

So I have come up with this look that I wear all the time in the summer which achieves the dark deep eye without melting in the heat. There is also a lip butter incorporated under my usual russian red matter lipstick by MAC which stops the lipstick from drying out giving me moistureised lips all through the day.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Anniversary Weekend

On the 28th June it was mine and my boyfriends 6 year anniversary. The time really has flown by and being together is very effortless, I really cant begin to explain how much we are in love. 

Coincidentally it is my cousins birthday the same day as our anniversary so me and my mum, auntie(my cousins mum), my boyfriend and my cousin ate out at a local italian restaurant which we have been going to for years. It was really lovely and we went to a cocktail bar afterwards for "cheeky cocktails", I also took a cheeky photo whilst in the toilets!

Friday Night - Dress & Belt: H&M, Necklace: Ebay, Shrug: Jane Norman, Bag: Topshop.

As a surprise my boyfriend had booked a 5 star hotel on the beach front in Jersey. It is such a beautiful hotel with even more beautiful weather and scenary.
Then if this wasn't enough we went down to the champagne lounge for afternoon tea. It was so decadant and afternoon tea is such a huge favorite of mine. We got given loads of food and we didn't manage to finish it all. I did drink all of my Egyptian mint tea though, it was so light and fresh. Definitely a nicer alternative to the standard peppermint tea I usually drink when choosing mint teas.

 Chocolate brownies, Lemon and Blueberry Cake, Almond Cake, Fruit & Plain Scones & Sandwich Assortment.

After tea we returned to the hotel room and got ready for the evening. I was planning to wear a dress by Wheels & Dollbaby which my boyfriend bought me as an anniversary present. The dress is "Le Pirate Girl Dress" and I am in love with this dress I felt so glamorous in it.

Le Pirate Girl Dress by Wheels and Dollbaby

In the evening a table was booked at a restaurant down the road called Wildfire which is like a modern stylish steakhouse & grill. The food was amazing to say the least and we took advantage of the cocktail bar.

My look of the night- Wearing a necklace by PinkAbsinthe@Etsy

I had Salmon main dish & a Pornstar Martini

I actually was in awe by all this and really did feel so special!
Had such an amazing weekend it was one to remember!