Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Attitude Clothing Competition 2012- Why I pulled out.

 I am so very pleased to have reached the finalists in the competition and have been one of the many models who have worked hard to gain support from fellow followers and friends.
This competition really did mean a lot to me as I used to receive the attitude clothing magazine and loved flicking through the pages filled with stunning clothes and even more stunning models.
I really did draw inspiration from this in my early teenage years and so to be a model for them would be such an honor to say the least.
But due to contestants cheating the deadline had been moved to a later date and I am scheduled to go back to Jersey (my hometown) to see my friends, family and boyfriend after 10 weeks of being in London for University. 
My Modelling is very important to me but some things just require a higher priority.
& cancelling flights is expensive to say the least.
So due to all the drama and foul play in the competition the deadline had been moved way further ahead of schedule and at the time of the shoot I will not be in London.
The previous date suited me perfectly but things don't always turn out.
So I do regret to say that I pulled out of the competition.
The photo I entered into the competition - Photography: LBR Photography

Although I am not entered anymore into the competition I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has voted, shared, liked, re blogged and all the various other support you have given me throughout this competition and throughout my modelling work.
It really does mean so much to me that people appreciate and love what I love doing and a great passion of mine.
I really can't thank you all enough, and for a second there it looked like I had a chance of winning!
Hopefully they'll book me in the future *fingers crossed*.
This also means that I can vote! Which I am very excited about and good luck to everyone.
In true RuPaul fashion I say 
"Ladies, Start your engines and may the best woman WIN!"

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