Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Introduction - The Doll

The Doll


 Some of you may know who I am from other sites I regularly post on:

To others who don't this is just a little bit about me and why I am starting up this blog.
  • I am an Alt Model who goes by the name Synthetic Doll, I also vlog regularly on youtube and post on tumblr which is more of a scrapbook type blog where I can post and store inspiration,tips etc.
  • This blog is intended for reviews, tips, guides, and day to day adventures of mine. This will be a place where I will only post things about me.
  • What are these things? Well I live in london and I am involved in the gothic subculture. I am also a student studying cosmetic science and I do a lot of side projects like my modelling and etsy store. I also am a self confessed beauty addict so expect to see lots of beauty and style related posts with a gothic twist.
Finally I would like to say that I am very much excited to start this blog and can't wait to share the things I have in store with you all.

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  1. It will be great not only to watch You, but also to read You :)