Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Simple Pink Lip Care Regime & Review

In my day to day life I give my lips some hard wear and tear, with all the lipsticks, stains and harsh weather I put them through. Especially because it is winter now and want to keep my lips in a soft and delicate state. My lips are not prone to cracking or dryness but when they are feeling a bit rough and looking a bit dull these are the product I use to restore them to their former self.

My regime is very simple and great value for your money as each product can last up to a year or even more! 
First when my lips are flaking and very rough I like to use the bubblegum lip scrub by Lush. This is a bright pink concoction of simply sugar, jojoba oil and flavorings and colourings to give that bright pink bubblegum characteristic. To use I simply dab my finger in the pot and rub all over my lips. I repeat this until smooth and soft. It tastes amazing also so don't worry if a bit goes into your mouth.
I then like to finish my lips of with vaseline. Now I used to use the rose tinted vaseline as my lips are very pale and need a little tint to make them stand out. The downfall with the rose version is I found it too gloopy and heavy on my lips. So now I use the Vaseline Pink Bubbly. Its has the perfect shade of tint and feels very delicate on the lips. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

21st Birthday & Halloween

So 21 is the year where you are globally an adult. It is the penultimate age you have been waiting for. All this build up of teen years, and stumbling through life so far leads up to this date. So I decided to arrange as many fun and memorable activities as possible! 
So as an early birthday present to myself I bought an Amanda Palmer ticket. She played at Koko and was the best gig I have ever been to. I also had the privilege to meet her after which was such a genuine and heart felt experience that I will never forget. I also bought her flowers which she insisted I threw onto stage at her! 

The next event was Club Antichrists Halloween Ball, which I attended with Sphirex and Alice Bizarre. I was also sponsored by ASD Latex who supplied me with a beautiful dress.

OOTD for the Antichrist Ball

Then the Tuesday after the weekend my boyfriend came round to visit and we went to the Wednesday 13 Halloween Gig, which was amazing and being filmed for a DVD! So look out for me in the next Wednesday 13 DVD.
My boyfriend looking sexual as always...Mine and his couple halloween costumes.

Then my parents bought me this ring for my 21st and I cannot even believe how beautiful and sparkly it is! I really am never taking it off.

Me and my boyfriend also had such an amazing night in a bar/restaurant called Meat Liquor. It is based just behind Oxford Street and serves the most amazing american food! The bar is also amazing and serves very strong drinks, from absinthe cocktails to singles that in reality are more like singles!

The food
 The ceiling and decor

So overall the last 10 days surrounding my birthday have been epic to say the least. Saw some lovely friends and attending some amazing events.
Oh and there was a lot of drinking and debauchery!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why Synthetic Doll?

So all the time people ask me where my model name/internet alias comes from and the story behind it. Well I thought today is the day to share such things with you!
So I have been on the internet since around 2004 when msn was the main social networking platform. I was then introduced to by my friend at the time who was also alternative. I went by a very immature name as at the time I was around 14. I then went through a whole range of ideas and thought one day to change my name for good and stick to just one.
So all the time I was being called fake and that I wear too much make up and my image was intimidating and that people assumed I came off as stuck up (which makes me laugh even to this day). Everyone who knows me in real life is 100% sure that this is not the case. Well anyway "Synthetic", at least in my mind is a more sophisticated way of saying fake. Also in my mind I feel that I am very synthetic. I dye my hair, remove all the unwanted hair, apply regular make up, have piercings etc. All examples of my own personal body modifications and without I would look like a completely different person. So synthetic I feel is essential to my aesthetic. 
Then the doll part. Another regular comment I receive is that I look like a doll or doll-like. Which is very flattering. I also always aspire to look as doll-like a possible. I love the image of perfect skin it looks synthetic and big glossy eyes etc. So there we have it. 
The origin of the name Synthetic Doll.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Crimson Camden Street Fashion

So the past week has been pretty hectic and I have been full of outings and antics, work and play. So I feel as though I haven't been neglecting my internet life it's just been a bit less regular than usual.
That being said I have done a lot of modeling! Which is always a lot of fun. Especially when you're working with talented and like minded people.
So on sunday I met Lauren-Becki Rowlands (Photographer) in Camden for a casual meeting. Or as we named it "shoot and social". We always have so much fun working together we forget it's work!
Sunday in Camden Town is very busy, think busy then add some!! So we were on the hunt for slightly more secluded areas with all the potential for beautiful images minus the staring and rude photo taking. 
The purpose of the shoot is that I was very kindly sent two stunning necklaces from The Crypt of Curiosity and also a dread extension set from Von Carstein Dreads to model for them. They were both red and black themed, so as you can imagine it wasn't hard for me to come up with a street fashion look with a Synthetic Doll twist of eleganza!
My inspiration as it were from the shoot was totally my own, as if I dreamed it over night. Is was just that simple and I applaud my mind sometimes for sending rushes of inspiration magically out of nowhere to myself.
So I wanted to do a dark sultry look with the edgy or raw quality that street fashion requires. Just so I don't look out of place in my surroundings.
So naturally pvc and fishnets came to mind I then searched my wardrobe for anything red and found my latex socks and red bra. 
I also love wavy hair and used a triple barrel waver on my hair before teasing and adding the dreads.
This is the finished product.
For more photos please go to

Makeup Tutorial

Behind the Scenes

Monday, 24 September 2012

Pale Foundation Review - Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder

I am always on the hunt for a new makeup products and really enjoy shopping around and trying out new products, especially when it comes to foundations. I used to use liquid foundation set with powder and during the summer I tried just using powder and really fell in love with the convenience and also aesthetic of this form of foundation. I started using MAC NW15 Studio fix powder with a moisturiser, primer and concealer underneath and was very pleased with the outcome. MAC has never seemed to provide a shade that is as pale as my skin, close but not exact and I want to look as flawlessly porcelain as I possibly can. So the search began for a new powder foundation.

I stumbled across Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder foundation (1N1 Ecru) and was very pleased with the coverage, texture and the colour of the product in the compact. The powder is a light velvety texture with a high coverage and colour pay off compared to other powders on the market eg MAC Studio fix. It also claims up to 14 hours of wear in which it will "stay in place" on your skin. It comes with a sponge applicator which is very nice but I prefer using a MAC 187 brush and building up coverage and then using a sponge if needed. The only thing I would say is that the colour still is a bit too warm for my liking although matching my skin tone. But I am a person who wants to obtain a very pale complexion with little warmth.

Now compared to MAC Studio fix in NW15

So overall I really do love this product but I am going to check out illamasqua as I used to and occasionally still use their skin base foundation and I was very pleased with the colour.
MAC Studio fix - £20.50
Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder Foundation- £27.50
Illamasqua Powder Foundation - £23.00

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Etsy Treasures - Kitty Cat

I love cat themed accessories, any chance to put on some cat ears I will take. So I am always on the hunt for cute kitty accessories that are also unique and what better place to search than etsy.

Lace Cat Ear Hat by ChoCoB

 Natural Black Fur Cat Ears by NoxHyde

Hood by wompawear

Black Bell Choker by smokyi

 Silver Black Cat Ring by EverBearJewel

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Murdermile Latex Group Shoot.

Late last year I had an amazing day in Murdermile studios modelling with other models along side Alice Bizarre MUA.
This is a behind the scenes video of the day filmed by Alice Bizarre.
I did a vintage lace lingerie shoot in the morning then the afternoon was latex.
The latex dress I wore was from Honour Clothing, gantlets by Rubber Monkey Latex and Choker by Synthetic Doll.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cyber Skeleton & Provocateur

I was wondering around my town today and noticed a party shop that has been around since I was litte was having a closing down sale. If you know me I love a good bargain and couldn't resist to see what gems they had in store. To my suprise there were quite a few bits and very discounted. I found a cyberdog top for £10 and its so pretty I am very thrilled with it. Cyberdog never usually takes my interest ad t isn't my style but this top is so pretty. I then found skeleton tights and we all know halloween is just round the corner and I am getting prepared in advance. I then found an Agent Provocateur strip poker game which comes with signature AP cards and chips. I have yet to have fun with this but from firs insection it looks very good. I also got this beauty for £1. Which is so crazy for AP. So all in all an amazing day for shopping.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

What makes you Goth? Reasons & History

Ok so this question has posed a lot of debate throughout the internet recently and I get many questions on the subject from people asking what makes them goth. I find this quite disheartening as I feel people feel segregated from the sub culture and that they're not good or should I say goth enough to reside in the subculture. Sure the subculture has an overall theme into the music, clothing etc. that is constant throughout. Otherwise how would we distinguish a goth to any other member of the public? But creating rules or set guidelines as to what is goth and what is not goth I find very sad indeed.
Goth is a Post-Punk subculture that came about in the early 80's in England with bands such as alien sex fiend and other underground bands. Then siouxsie sioux came along and created the Goth title as a way of describing her new album at the time. At this time the punks just dressed how they wanted and were called goths. They didn't even consider themselves goth's but actually punks. The goth subculture was born attracting many other style genres including new romantic which is affiliated with bands such as Adam and the Ants and the Culture Club. The Batcave was established during this that attracted goths and further created the goth sub culture. From here goths expanded there style to form new sub genres of their own including deathrock.

In this documentary taken in 1983 it is stated that they thought they were Punks and that they dressed however they felt as a form of artistic self expression.

I am writing this post due to a message I received this morning and I feel like I had to say something in a blog about my reasoning's for the way I think and my opinions. 

Goth is whatever you make it. Meaning it is your own unique take on the subculture providing it has a dark underlying theme. Only you yourself can establish whether you are goth or not. You can do whatever you like with it, be it listening to other genres of music and incorporating it into your already gothic style or being inspired by non gothic icons or even buying clothes from brands or designers. From the beginning people have created different looks and genres within the goth subculture and I think by giving rules or guidelines limits creativity and a persons own right of artistic self expression. It is a fascist mindset and I think it is wrong and leaves fellow inexperienced goths feeling like they are not good enough or that they don't belong.

The subculture should celebrate peoples imaginations and support growth and positivity. It should not be another club that only exclusive members with the right mindset, clothing or music taste get to be a part of.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Creature of the Night

The one thing I simply adore about modelling is the transformation and portraying different characters through artistic experimentation and for quite sometime the idea of becoming a dark creature of some sort with an Athenian like personality really struck me. So I explored the concept of being beauty and innocence in something so strong (like the goddess Athena).
I also wanted to delve on the character of Pan, again taken from greek mythology. I focused on the interpretation of Pan in the film Pan's Labyrinth. This character though wise is still very mysterious and dark. From here I started creating my own creature, the Creature of the Night. 
So in essence I had to have antlers or horns and also claws. I had previously purchased and designed an antler head piece from CuriologyOnline.
The claws I decided would be in the form of acrylic nails so it looks like I naturally have claws. Now the outfit, it had to be kind of tribal and rough but also elegant. So I rummaged through my wardrobe and found a top I made out of ripped fishnets, a corset I had been meaning to use in a shoot, a net skirt and a feather shoulder piece.
Now for the make up I had decided no eyebrows were essential to make myself look more creature like. To create an innocent eye I opted for GEO Angel Grey Circle lenses. I was inspired by marilyn manson's Holywood era especially the Nobody's video. I liked the woodland setting and becoming part of the surroundings. Also inspired by the Disposable teens video outfit and make up I came up with this. I also had a beautiful necklace by CuriologyOnline to model to for them. The hair was the next task. I have bundles of kanekalon fibers at home and need to use them at some point. So I decide to make to huge messy buns with them and secured a white extension in my fringe to create some diversity and contrast. On the day I realized that the black/silver lip would detract too much from the eyes so instead I wore a nude lip.

 So I ended up shooting the idea with Twitch Photos in a woodland setting. It all came together so perfectly and better than expected. When coming up with concepts you have an idea in your head and seeing it in the flesh or on film even is just amazing. You never really know how it will turn out either. 

These photos were also published in Issue #7 of Rebelicious Magazine for a CuriologyOnline Article.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Porcelain Lace

Earlier this year I shot with the amazing PhotographAmy. I ad previously worked with this talented lady whilst working with Alice Bizarre and resulted with some amazing images themed around "Within The Shadows" which can be viewed here.
So it was time for round two. I really wanted to shoot lingerie/implied nude for my portfolio and just had to incorporate lace! I own these amazing briefs from Agent Provocateur that my boyfriend bought me one Christmas and I have always been looking for an opportunity to wear them. I was inspired by neutral, "natural" tones but with a twist. Focusing on natural beauty but much more Gothic. The make up concept was a soft winged eyeliner with subtle grey and white toned eyeshadow, then with striking black lips. I didn't wear any contouring or bush just to keep the colours very monotone and to emphasize the milk-like tone of my porcelain pale skin. Now I have the lingerie done I was contemplating what to wear on the top half. Because I wanted to experiment with implied nude I had pasties in mind, and because of the dark influence upside down crosses were the key. I liked the idea of it being subtle and combining innocence and modesty with satanic symbolism. Now because this was my first ever implied nude/lingerie shoot I wanted to keep some modesty and not for it to turn out in a glamour model fashion, it wasn't the look I was aiming for. Lots of long black beads and some lace bunny ears I think finished off the look and added a touch of elegance and playful femininity.

So pleased with the final images and maybe there will be some more in the future.
Check out PhotographAmy's work here -

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Glamour Goth

For years I have been experimenting with my image and aesthetic and throughout my teenage life it was very apparent it was a string of goth, I just couldn't pinpoint which one. I realise labeling isn't the thing to do but at that age I had a yearning to fit in or better than that to belong to something. That was just my nature at that point in time. Now after maturing I have discovered the importance of being myself no matter the cost or consequence. 
With all this said it has become very apparent that my style is just Glamour Goth. Well to me this is a very obvious and clear way to identify my style and what my aesthetic is about. 
What is my style and aesthetic? Well I live life as though I am a piece of art not in a pretentious way but in a fundamental dandyism way inspired by Oscar Wildes philosophy of "art for arts sake". I also live by the dita's philosophy of "anyone has the potential to be glamorous" and I wish to evoke glamour at all possible times, this does not mean being fully dolled up at every waking hour but taking the time to make an effort with ones self, for example making sure my nails are painted nicely and that I wear things that flatter me including lounge wear. Then the gothic element comes in, I have always been more darkly inclined and this reflects heavily in my style. But I do not buy into stereotypes nor wear things to look more goth or to wear things just because of the alternative brand. I take the high fashion goth trends into something my own and much more glamorous and vintage inspired. 
I am also extremely feminine by nature, I suspect it is influenced by my mother as she is also like this and would buy me make up and lingerie during my early teens. I also developed very early and by age fifteen was wearing DD cups with a full hour glass figure. This made me very reluctant to wear jeans and trousers only leaving skirts and tight fitting tops as loose fitted would drape over my bust creating an ill formed silhouette. So that is the origin of my many dresses, skirts, heels, lingerie and make up. Now I would never part with them and still do not have a pair of jeans to my name. 
So Glamour goth is just style with both classic gothic and glamour influences. Also with a personal twist as any style is moulded to the individual.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Gothic Handbags & Purses

Gothic bags is always a difficult subject for me as I always find it very hard to find bags that incorporate my gothic style but are still practical and affordable. Now being a secret fashionista I just fall in love with designer bags but they are not really that affordable. Not on my budget anyway. This doesn't mean I am not subjective to fall in love with designer pieces anyway. 

Lulu Guinness is by far my favourite designer when it comes to handbags. The designs are elaborate and quirky but also use luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet. The interior of each bag is black and white striped and every goth loves some beetlejuice inspired fabric. The actual bags themselves range from a clutch purse, zip tote and my favourite metal clasp. 

I own one Lulu Guinness bag and if you are like me and the price tag is a little too much wait for the sales which are usually mid June or Boxing day. At first it will be 30-50% off but after 3 weeks or so they slash it down to 70% so sometimes it's worth waiting. Also if you search Lulu Guiness into Ebay or google shopping it will bring up discounted and also old stock. So if there is a design your after check them. 
The bag I own - Black Devour Lips Wanda Bag with the striped interior. 

Looking for bags on the high street can prove an even more difficult challenge with even more shops turning to cheaper fabrics and mainstream designs. I have a few favourite brands on the high street that I have used and are affordable, beautiful and also durable.

Jane Norman

Morgan De Toi 

Suzy Smith

Black Rose Jaquard Frame Bag - I have this bag but it got very scruffy after years of use. 

I get a lot of questions about my bags and where I bought them etc. So I hope this helps some people and also answers some questions.